Below is the complete booking form for Christian. It is our intent to gain as much information as possible so that upon arrival Christian can be 100% prepared to serve your event with excellence. Please complete and submit the form and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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Contact Phone
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Travel Arrangements
Christian prefers to fly if events are more than 3 hours away from Ormond Beach, FL.
Christian prefers to arrive the day before he speaks to be rested to give 100% of himself to your event.
See bottom of page for a description
If hotel, please provide hotel information.
Financial Information
Christian does not require compensation but on average receives between $500-$750.
Media Information
Note that we request a copy of the recorded session be given to Christian or sent to the ministry.

Travel Arrangements

**Upfront: With the assistance of Christian’s team, you and your staff will plan and pay for necessary travel arrangements upfront.

**Reimbursement: Christian and team make travel arrangements and will be fully reimbursed following the event.